Lambeth Living accused of “shoddy building” on Branksome Road

Replacement windows in Branksome Road (right)

Lambeth Living have been accused of “cut price, shoddy building and architectural standards” in its recent building works by a resident in Brixton.

Marek Patel, of Branksome Road, has lodged a complaint to the Lambeth Planning Officer with regard to the installation of new windows on his street.

Mr Patel disputes that the windows are “similar” to those they are replacing, adding that Lambeth Living have not provided evidence that the new windows “are in any way more economical than architecturally like for like”.

Mr Patel said that the work has “altered the overall character of the terrace as a whole – for the worse”, and that many residents agree that the windows are “ugly and simplistic in design”.

The windows are being installed as part of the five year rolling Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS) programme of improvements to council homes. The entire programme is set to cost £450 million.

Jo Rodgers, LHS Communications Manager, told the Blog that the new uPVC windows are “similar in design to the old windows”, “cost less to install than timber windows and also have a longer life span.”

Ms Rodgers continued: “Replacing windows like-for-like with timber would be less cost effective in the long term as they also require more maintenance (such as regular repainting) than uPVC.

“We’ve not received any complaints from residents to say they find the windows unsightly. So far they have said that they are pleased with their new windows and see them as an improvement over the old timber ones.”