Local music charity launches therapy awards scheme

Picture: MTI

A long-established local charity that brings the benefits of music therapy to vulnerable people around the world has a new awards scheme for its respected training course.

One reason for its launch is budget cuts in education.

Music as Therapy International is based on the belief that music can make the most of people’s potential – overcoming obstacles including disability, trauma and mental illness.

It trains care staff to use simple music therapy techniques and musical activities and provides resources and professional support.

Music as Therapy International has been running its interactive music making (IMM) course since 2010. The six-month course provides staff working in early years (children under five) with the skills and confidence to use music in a therapeutic way with children in their care.

The charity’s new IMM Awards scheme is designed to combat challenges faced by nurseries and children’s centres including budget cuts which can prevent investment in staff training.

Increased integration of children with additional needs in early years education means staff are supporting children with more complex needs from more diverse backgrounds than ever before.

Alexia Quin, director of Music as Therapy International and co-founder of IMM, said the IMM course is an effective way to improve care for young children.

“However,” she said, “We know not everyone is able to access this training, largely due to budget restrictions.

“These new IMM Awards mean early years settings can now access the course without the worry of budgets or staff cover, so more children can be supported in their development through the therapeutic and life-enhancing use of music.”

There are seven awards places available this year.

The course will run from September 2017 until June 2018 at the Clyde Early Childhood Centre in Deptford. The deadline for awards applications is 16 June 2017.

For more information about Music as Therapy International, see www.musicastherapy.org.

For more information about Interactive Music Making, see www.interactivemusicmaking.org.