Brixton Blog is an online community newspaper about everything happening in Brixton, London.  We cover local news, music, food, events and history. We hope to inspire debate and enthusiasm about an area we are passionate about.

Brixton Blog was founded by Zoe Jewell and Tim Dickens and is now edited by Linda Quinn.

Zoe set up the original version of the blog in 2010. She was born and raised in Brixton. The view from the top of Brockwell Park, swimming in the Rec, and jostling through the crowds on Brixton Road — she is addicted to Brixton. She has seen a bit of the rest of the world though, having spent time living in Berlin and New York. Zoe has worked in television and has written for Time Out and The Guardian.

Tim is a more recent immigrant to south London. He grew up by the Essex coast before moving into town in 2008 having lived briefly but happily in Italy and Switzerland. He has earned his stripes as a journalist for the Bromley Times and then the Ilford Recorder, east London. Tim fell in love Brixton the moment he moved into a flat above the Effra Tavern, although these days he is more likely to be found supping in the Trinity Arms.

In September 2015 Zoe and Tim took a step back after years of hard work on the Blog and its print companion, the Brixton Bugle, while holding down full-time jobs at the same time.

Linda Quinn, a Glaswegian by birth and a Brixtonian by residence, picked up the reins. She moved to Brixton in the 1970s so has lived through all the changes that it has gone and is going through.

Got an idea for a story? Comments or criticisms? Email info@brixtonblog.com.