Artwork in Angell Town

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On 19th August in Angell Town, pop and urban-artist Lhouette will unveil a bespoke artwork he has created for residents. 

Credit: Outside Organisation

Lhouette first visited Angell Town estate in April this year and says he was inspired by the Newbury House space at the heart of the estate.


Credit: Outside Organisation

Having grown up on estates himself, Lhouette says he is keen to inspire the children from Angell Town, which is why on 5th August he held a workshop in Newbury House. Over the course of the day, around 60 residents and children came along to learn new artistic skills and techniques, and create their own canvases to take home.


Credit: Outside Organisation

During the workshops, Lhouette spoke to residents to brainstorm ideas that could go into the huge art piece he is creating for the estate.

Credit: Outside Organisation

The work will be unveiled in an event on 19 August at Newbury House, Angell Town. Local and art fans are invited to come, see the art and enjoy refreshments at 1.30 pm.

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