MADE IN BRIXTON? BBC Three ‘structured reality’ show South Side Story comes to Brixton

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SouthsidestoryAn ‘experimental’ reality show following singers, dancers and DJs based in Brixton is to come to BBC Three.

The show, called South Side Story, will combine ‘structured reality’ performance with pop performances, apparently.

It will also focus on the love lives and careers of the performers, who will all live in Brixton, the website Digital Spy reported today.

BBC Three controller Zai Bennett told Digital Spy: “South Side Story promises to bring BBC Three a heady mix of real people’s lives and visually stunning performances.

“It’s an experimental new style of storytelling in the reality TV world and is exactly the kind of show we should be experimenting with on BBC Three.”

The news follows fevered debate on social media sites last year at news that a reality TV show called Made in Brixton might be coming to town.

The show will be made by production company Knickerbockerglory, who have now completed the casting process and hope to start filming shortly. Follow the show on Twitter @sthsidestory.

What do you make of the idea?

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12 Comments on "MADE IN BRIXTON? BBC Three ‘structured reality’ show South Side Story comes to Brixton"

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  10. DJ Bex TC Dubs February 13, 2014 at 10:12 pm · Reply

    Straight outta Scotland with some fresh Brixton beats. Hot child in the city boiiii.

  11. Gert February 13, 2014 at 2:58 pm · Reply

    It’s not ‘reality’. Programmes like 24 Hours in A&E are ‘reality’. If the finished programme bears any resemblance to the advert for cast it’s drama – people playing fictional characters. Given the tiny age range & specific occupations I doubt it will have any claims to represent ‘Brixton’. It may prove to have merit as a creative work or as entertainment, but it won’t be about the real Brixton.

    • Ann February 14, 2014 at 9:56 am · Reply

      100% agree with Gert. This so-called “reality show” will be nothing like the real Brixton most Brixtonians know and love!! If you cant show the true Brixton, please dont bother.

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