Bowie mural to raise cash for cancer charities

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Bowie mural artist Jimmy C

The artist who created a mural of David Bowie in Brixton last month returned for the first time to see the tributes left by fans.

Jimmy C, who painted the work in 2013, was away in Australia when Bowie died and his Brixton mural became an impromptu tribute site for thousands of fans and mourners.

As the flowers mounted, pictures and videos of the site garnered worldwide attention.

Returning to the site for the first time since Bowie’s death, Jimmy C, who lives in east London but grew up in Australia, described the events as “very emotional”.

He told the Brixton Bugle: “I was just coming to terms with his passing, and this happened only hours later. People naturally started coming here, so that was amazing. By the end of the day there were thousands of people here.”

Speaking of how he originally came to create the piece, he said: “It was my idea to do Brixton. I’d started researching his life, and there’s not much street art out here, not compared to east London where I normally paint. I found the wall and got the go-ahead from Morleys.”

After soaring interest in the mural, Jimmy is now in talks with the store to see if the work can be preserved.

He has also released an official print of the artwork, and will donate 20 per cent of sales to selected cancer charities.

He said: “The image of the wall has already been reproduced for commercial merchandising without consent, so I thought it was important to do an official version… It will help celebrate Bowie’s legacy as well as raise money for cancer charities.”

The artwork is a limited edition Giclée print and can be purchased for £180 at

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