Brixton Hill By-election: Steven Nally, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

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Steve Nally, TUSC

By Steve Nally, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

As a socialist I will never vote for any cuts in local jobs and services.  Instead I will work to build an effective trade union and community campaign to fight against austerity and cuts in Brixton Hill and elsewhere.

This has been done before in Lambeth and can be done again.  I do not believe that working class communities like Brixton Hill should pay the price for banker’s greed and this Labour council cooperating to pass on government cuts.

In Brixton Hill I pledge to support those fighting cuts to the Youth Service.  I will also actively oppose any attempt to forcibly evict local people affected by government changes to benefits.  Nobody should be at the mercy of greedy landlords.  I will campaign against the scandal of overcrowding and demand that Lambeth council begins a programme of building decent homes for those that are most in need.

If elected I will immediately convene a Lambeth Anti-Austerity Forum to draw up a needs budget that puts people before profit and protects the most vulnerable in our local community.

If that means breaking the law then so be it.  Better to break the law than to break the poor.


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  1. UncertainTrumpet January 10, 2013 at 11:45 am ·

    Maybe Steven nally, danny Lambert and Martin Tiedemann should be on the same side.

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