Brixton honours its local heroes and celebrates their impact

Brixton local heroes portraits hung on railings of Brixton Library

Portraits of Brixton Local Heroes have been laminated as plaques and hung on the railings outside Brixton Library as part of the Brixton Design Trail 2018 and this year’s theme “We Belong”.

Friends of Tate Library Brixton and Friends of Windrush Square (both sub committees of the Brixton Society) are also involved in the Lambeth Heritage Festival with their Brixton Local Heroes Initiative. Local Heroes: setting a trendis at  Brixton Library on Wednesday 19 September 6.30–9pm and celebrates Brixton’s heroes and take nominations for new ones. Presenters will bring insights into the work and influence of those nominated.

Organisers Annick Alet and Marilyn Rogers say:“Brixton Local Heroes, come from all parts of society: creative cultural, business, community, social and political. Their impact, for the good of society, goes beyond family and friends.

Lloyd Newton

“Local heroes nominated in 2017 were: community volunteers, gardeners, adult educators, political activists, people like Sam King (Windrush generation), Pegasus Black Opera Choral initiator Lloyd Newton, performers actors, musicians, scientists, and head teachers.”

The idea took seed three years ago and nominations for local heroes continue to come in.

Last year workshops were held in schools, public meetings nominated heroes and awards were made to friends and family of those nominated.

One of the nominees last year Dwayne Simpson, died tragically assisting a friend to fight off a knife attack was commemorated by his mother, Pastor Lorraine Jones. She formed ‘Dwaynamics’ to promote a safer lifestyle for the youth in his community. Awarded an MBE for ‘Dwaynamics’, the organisation continues to work with young and disaffected youth in the borough.

Annick and Marilyn say: “As well as recognising the work of Harry Jacobs, a local photographer whose archives are held at Lambeth Archives, we salute Claudia Jones, editor of West Indian Gazette and political activist, members of the Windrush generation as well as architect David Marks, youth worker Derek Accra, and graphic designer Jon Daniel. The Legacy of Cherry Groce through Cherry Orchard and Cherry Tree Trust will be celebrated and music in memory of Lloyd Newton will be performed by Pegasus Opera”.

There will be exhibits of Local Heroes’ work and suggestion cards for new nominations. The evening will end with the unveiling of an artwork by local artist and Bugle illustrator Pam Williams.

Nominate a local hero: drop a postcard to c/o Friends of Tate Library Brixton, Tate Library Brixton, Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JQ. Email:



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  1. Abdourahman mbye 16 September, 2018 at 11:31 am · Reply

    I am a member of dwaynamic football club in the gambia congratulation to one of the nomines madam Lorraine. jones for is hardworking the team wish you all the best luck

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