Brixton cops help deliver baby Sara

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Two officers from Brixton police station have been praised after they helped deliver a baby this morning.

PC Matt Spence and PC Gill Moriarty were called to a home in Knights Hill just before 3am but had no idea what they might find after the baby’s father made a distressed call asking for police to attend his home address.

When they arrived the team were met with a heavily pregnant woman who had gone in to labour. The baby’s father, who made the call, was travelling back from his workplace in central London.

The two officers acted quickly and helped deliver the baby girl, named Sara, who was born at about 3.40am.

PC Spence said: “There were tense few moments when the baby wasn’t making any noise straight after birth. Fortunately ambulance staff, and the father, arrived the moment the baby was born and within no time we could hear that everything was going to turn out fine.”

PC Moriarty added: “This was not your usual type of call and it was great to play a part in the birth of a new baby girl. Despite English not being the parents first language, in a situation like this it doesn’t matter.”

Mother and baby where taken to Kings College Hospital to be checked as a matter of routine.

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