Brixton Riots on Radio 4

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Have a listen to this week’s episode of ‘The Reunion’ on Radio 4, in which novelist Alex Wheatle, former Lambeth Council leader Ted Knight, Darcus Howe and Brian Paddick discuss the Brixton Riots. It’s very timely – the thirty year anniversary of the riots is in April. The programme can be heard here on iPlayer.

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  1. Alexandra Spencer August 29, 2011 at 9:30 pm ·

    Hi Lambeth Mediation are holding a dialogue concerning the London riots, focussing on Lambeth including in Brixton, to explore some of the claims made about them and the causes and effects etc.We want to get as many different parts of the community together for the dialogue – residents, businesses, young people, parents etc, some of whom were affected by, maybe even involved in the riots – and to ensure that everyone has a voice, whatever it is they want to say, and representation at the event. We have invited all sorts of local groups and organisations and various people and departments from Lambeth council and have a speaker from the black community (I think to do with Smiley Culture) and hope to get speakers from other groups. So come to listen and give your views and discuss with others and speak for a few minutes if you want to. It is on the 1st September, 6.30pm at the Brix at St Mathews, Brixton Hill. Email to attend or phone Alex/Jai on 0208 6786046. Be prompt as space is limited!

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