Brixton’s own typeface

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brixton-fontDid you know that Brixton has its own typeface?
The “Brixton” font collection by Tom Chalky, who, sadly, lives in Plymouth, not south London, was inspired by an old postcard he found when searching for inspiration for a corporate logo he was designing.
It showed the sign of a department store – was it Bon Marché? Tom can’t recall – in the late nineteenth century.
He was struck by the shape and style of the “R” in the sign and went on to base a font collection on it.
See for yourself at Tom has also created the Brixton Line font.

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Alan Slingsby moved to Brixton just as the 1981 uprising began. His nearest pub was the Effra and nearest off licence the Frontline — long gone in an earlier wave of closures of treasured community establishments. Has edited newspapers for the National Union of Students and National Union of Teachers. Now makes a living designing magazines and books and anything else people will pay him for.

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  1. Terry W October 8, 2015 at 12:48 am ·

    I believe that the inventor of Comic Sans still lives in Brixton so maybe that should be our local font…

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