The paste table gallery @ Brixton Library @ Brixton Tate Library
Feb 19 – Feb 24 all-day

The paste table micro gallery upstairs at Brixton Library

The Paste Table Gallery features 24 artists from the UK and abroad on a pasting table. This micro gallery is upstairs at Brixton Library and is open till 24 February. Curator Nick Cash brings together a disparate group of artists

“What links movie Dressed to Kill? Punk Rock royalty Gaye Advert, and complete unknowns? Paste Table Gallery, a Micro Gallery of collage.”

The gallery is a 6 ft. decorator’s pasting table with pegboard walls mimicking a mini white cube. The Paste Table is a physical  pun on cut and paste, another term for collage/montage.

Nick Cash, curator and still working drummer, brings together a disparate group of artists. The link to ‘Dressed to Kill’ is  Cuban exile Agustin Fernandez, a painter whose work was featured  in the 1980 film. He also made collage works.”