malt caramels
December 19, 2014, No comments

I like to make homemade gifts at this time of year for those occasions when you are invited to  visit people’s homes or families unexpectedly and don’t want to simply [...]

Brindisa carrots

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables in Brixton

December 18, 2014, No comments

I never tire of the choice of fruit and vegetables in Brixton and curse when I have to go to the supermarket instead, but it can be overwhelming to kn ...

Patatas bravas at Boqueria

New food and culture writers wanted for your Brixton Blog

December 16, 2014, No comments

We’re looking for writers to report on food and arts in Brixton From food writers to author interviews, event previews to band profiles, we̵ ...


Christmas in Brixton: Parissi

December 16, 2014, No comments

As part of our series seeing how people in Brixton celebrate Christmas and New Year through food and drink, we spoke to Spyros at Parissi who is Greek ...

  • Dombeys
    Brixton Butchers Tips For Christmas
    December 15, 2014, No comments

    For many people, the centrepiece of the Christmas meal involves meat and throughout the year, the most common question people ask me about food in Brixton is what butcher I [...]

  • bacon relish
    Christmas in Brixton: Food Gifts
    December 12, 2014, No comments

    Brixton has such a reputation these days for food that it would be a shame not to take advantage of that and do a lot of your Christmas shopping by [...]

  • casa sibilla
    Christmas in Brixton: Casa Sibilla
    December 11, 2014, No comments

    Cooking at Christmas is very personal to many of us and for Lydie and Paola from Casa Sibilla it’s no different. As part of our series of inspiring tips on [...]

  • 2014-11-18 13.01.31
    Review: This Moroccan Roll Must Be Here To Stay
    December 8, 2014, No comments

    On the eating spectrum, there are the foods that are seasonal, organic, wholesome, sustainable and healthy – the don’t-I-feel-so-smug-for-eating-this foods. On the other there are the obvious filthy foods – [...]