Three Little Birds drinks
November 26, 2015, No comments

By Mark Muldoon Brixton is fast becoming the hot place where your – shall we say – higher class of reality TV star chooses to open up their new restaurant […]

Save our homes demo outside Lambeth town hall

New play ‘Where will we live’ tells the story of estate demolition

November 20, 2015, No comments

Where Will We Live? is a new play showcasing the diverse stories of Brixton people reacting to council estate demolition and social changes surroundin ...

Crowds at entrance to Brixton village

Brixton small businesses are the biz

November 17, 2015, No comments

It’s been quite a week for small businesses in Brixton. Firstly the winners of the Time Out Love London Awards were announced and Brixton showed ...


The Duck Egg goes daily!

November 10, 2015, No comments

After a successful pop up stint at weekends at Market House, The Duck Egg cafe are back to serving seven days a week across the road at the Prince of ...

  • coffee jelly
    Brixton Recipe: Coffee Jelly
    November 7, 2015, No comments

    If you made the sweet potato pie from this month’s Bugle, you’re probably thanking me for making sweet potatoes so interesting and cursing me for leaving you with half a [...]

  • cones
    Brixton Reviews: Cherry N’Berry
    October 31, 2015, No comments

    Eagle eyes amongst you will have noticed Cherry N’ Berry is actually in Streatham Hill but we wanted to compare its ice cream and waffles with our local offering at [...]

  • unbaked sweet potato pie
    Brixton Recipes: Sweet Potato Pie
    October 30, 2015, No comments

    As the nights draw in and the temperature get colder, the vegetables get more brighter and more orange. From a variety of squash to plump pumpkins to sweet potatoes, you [...]

  • kricket goat
    Brixton Reviews: Kricket
    October 29, 2015, 1 Comment

    People tend to look at me very strangely when I say I don’t like Indian food. Partly this is because a statement like that makes about as much sense as [...]

  • blues kitchen ribs
    Brixton Reviews: The Blues Kitchen
    October 22, 2015, 1 Comment

    By Mark Muldoon Heard of the Columbo Group? They’re the new Antic in town. Heard of neither Antic or The Columbo Group? Oh, sorry. Well, maybe you’d be forgiven for [...]

  • Pumpkin
    Halloween party on Windrush Square
    October 22, 2015, 2 Comments

    A two-night party in Windrush Square will end an hour before the dead from the now-levelled graveyard of St Matthews rise up at midnight on Halloween (October 31) only to [...]