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July 17, 2017, 1 Comment

Carina Murphy hits and misses at Llewelyn’s When Llewelyn’s opened in Herne Hill in an enviable location on Station Square, home of the popular Sunday Market, the anticipation was palpable. […]

Dreadlock Holiday? Turtle Bay Brixton

July 17, 2017, No comments

Nick Buglione takes a Caribbean break at Turtle Bay Is Turtle Bay a kind of gastro trompe l’oeil or voyeuristic appropriation of an exotic (food) cu ...

Home From Home: The Commercial

June 7, 2017, 2 Comments

An evening at Herne Hill’s The Commercial Remember the good old days when pubs were just blokes, beers, fags, pork scratchings and scantily clad pag ...

Out for a duck

May 31, 2017, Comments Off on Out for a duck

Nick Buglione finally makes it to Duck Duck Goose @ Pop Brixton Howzat? Oli Brown’s kitchen is surely a culinary Tardis. Leaving aside the logistics ...

  • Greece is the word
    May 8, 2017, Comments Off on Greece is the word

    Mikos brings classic Souvlaki to town Nowadays, the path from food truck entrepreneur to restaurant owner is less off-piste entry level, more a required rite of passage. Hugo Yoshida of […]

  • Coming up Rosa’s
    May 8, 2017, Comments Off on Coming up Rosa’s

    Nick Buglione takes the spice road to Rosa’s Thai Cafe. I like the fact that I can just dive into Brixton and see what unfolds. These days, that’s despite living in […]

  • Shack Attack
    May 2, 2017, Comments Off on Shack Attack

    Nick Buglione gets down and dirty at Chicken Liquor Mind or body? Less a debate on religious dualism, more the conflicting worlds of proudly unclean eating and its rather prim […]

  • Neighbourhood Watch
    May 2, 2017, Comments Off on Neighbourhood Watch

    Nick Buglione is our man in Havana, err Barrio Brixton Apparently anyone under 30 who can disengage from their umbilical smartphone long enough, “preloads” their night out at home. My […]

  • Still from the film Mindhorn
    Ritzy round up May 2017
    April 30, 2017, Comments Off on Ritzy round up May 2017

    May is upon us and the taste of summer movies is coming round the bend. writes Nicola Jones Leading the charge this month is British comedy MINDHORN (from 5 May). […]

  • Still from A Moving Image: Tanya Fear in Brixton
    Ritzy round up April
    April 12, 2017, 1 Comment

    As the sun begins to shine here in London, I know it will be hard to remember to go indoors and see some cinema, writes Nicola Jones. Evermore so, as […]