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Trial Lawyer in film made by Lawyers in the Soup Kitchen
December 10, 2017, No comments

 Lawyers in the Soup Kitchen recently made the first ever film to be allowed in the Royal Courts of Justice. The organisation Twanieka Alcindor launched three years ago in Coldharbour […]

Claudia Wilson of Pure Vinyl Reocrds

A sense of community

December 8, 2017, No comments

Eleanor Sharples talks to Claudia Wilson about her records, her new shop and the Brixton community. Claudia Wilson no longer sees the community spirit ...

Artists who designed flags of Brixton Market Sam and Toni

Flags of Brixton Market – from dictionary to design

November 10, 2017, No comments

Sam Furness tells the story of how he and Toni Hollis created one of the highlights of this year’s Brixton Design Trail The streets of Brixton are l ...

Do hold your breath …

November 5, 2017, No comments

That old rugby cliché “up and under” takes on an entirely new meaning for a group of South London sportspeople. One of them, Jerome Lewis from Br ...

  • Poetry Competitioon Fyer
    Competition for modern day poets launches for Black History Month
    October 4, 2017, Comments Off on Competition for modern day poets launches for Black History Month

    Poetic Unity, the charity behind the hit weekly poetry event, The Poets Corner at the Black Cultural Archive in Brixton is launching a poetry competition today (4 October) that will […]

  • Big Fish Little Fish: family rave
    Home Office’s loss is baby clubbers’ gain
    October 3, 2017, Comments Off on Home Office’s loss is baby clubbers’ gain

      Brixton resident Hannah Saunders waved goodbye to a high-flying career in the Home Office to run DJ and glow-stick raves with a difference. Her Big Fish Little Fish (BFLF) […]

  • International alert logo
    Peace festival comes to south London
    September 15, 2017, Comments Off on Peace festival comes to south London

    A South London venue will be the base for a peace festival next week that will join with others all over the world to celebrate 21 September – World Peace […]

  • Brixton orchard takes root
    August 10, 2017, Comments Off on Brixton orchard takes root

    Back in March some of us were sceptical about planting fruit trees next one of Brixton’s most polluted traffic hubs, the St Matthews one way system. But in five short […]

  • Free meals for Brixton kids over summer holidays
    August 9, 2017, 2 Comments

    (sponsored Blogpost) In a special summer promotion Brixton’s Turtle Bay restaurant on Brixton Road is offering cash strapped parents a Caribbean alternative to McDonald’s or KFC. For every adult ordering a main […]

  • Section of the Bridge Artwork at Loughborough Junction
    Mama Africa comes to Loughborough Junction
    July 26, 2017, Comments Off on Mama Africa comes to Loughborough Junction

    Halfway between Brixton and Camberwell, Loughborough Junction has always had a bit of an identity problem.  When noticed by the national press it is usually for the wrong reasons.  An […]