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Mosaic clubhouse members
6 August, 2018, No comments

Many top musicians, poets and DJs are signed up for an event to raise funds for and awareness of Brixton’s Mosaic Clubhouse. Organised by Bryan Wilson – the spoken word artist […]

Boy performing in Off The Cuff

Young performers to play Brockwell Park

1 August, 2018, No comments

Brockwell Park is to host another music festival in September. But don’t reach for your lawyer … The Junior Open Mic Micro Festival will be unfenc ...

Brixton Chamber Orchestra at Cressingham Gardens

22 July, 2018, No comments

  The Cressingham Gardens Rotunda – one of the many things that makes the demolition-threatened estate special – hosted a concert by the Brix ...

Pegasus community choir

Pegasus choir to perform in Brixton library

19 July, 2018, No comments

  The community choir of Brixton’s Pegasus opera company, who opened the Windrush 70 celebration in Windrush Square, will be performing at Brix ...

  • Plastic flamingos in Windrush Square
    Festival flamingos flock to Brixton
    19 July, 2018, No comments

    Organisers of the Neverworld Festival this morning (19 July) filled Windrush Square with flamingos, saying: “Festivals are full of life-changing experiences and Neverworld want to capture this and bring a […]

  • Captain Ska
    Trump up the volume
    13 July, 2018, No comments

    Dave Randall on music to greet President Trump It’s not only football and the weather that has heated up in recent weeks, but political protest too. 50,000 marched for the […]

  • Summer gigs in the greenhouses
    22 June, 2018, No comments

    Brockwell Park’s Community Greenhouses will be doing more than growing things as, we hope, the sun shines. They will host gigs and a special food event in the coming weeks […]

  • Brixton market’s Agile Rabbit music breeds success
    21 June, 2018, Comments Off on Brixton market’s Agile Rabbit music breeds success

    Abstract improvised music in a corridor of a market? Will it catch on? Yes it did. Agile Experiments, who have been performing outside Brixton Village’s Agile Rabbit pizzeria for some […]