Photo by Mark Muldoon
August 8, 2015, 3 Comments

Our arts contributor Mark Muldoon gets misty-eyed about everyone’s favourite street carnival. It’s faintly astonishing that an event like Brixton Splash can be allowed to exist in 2015.Health and safety [...]

Pop Brixton

COMMENT: Who Are They Feeding? Food Markets Are Not The Saviour of London’s Poor

July 8, 2015, 47 Comments

By Rebecca May Johnson Henry Dimbleby and Jonathan Downey’s new mega gastro-enterprise London Union positions food markets as the saviour of “dere ...

The Empire Windrush docks at Tilbury

We need a Windrush Day to celebrate the migrant contribution to UK

July 8, 2015, 2 Comments

Patrick Vernon OBE, political activist and founder of Every Generation Media, writes about the need for a Windrush Day to recognise the migrant contri ...

Brixton sewage pipes being repaired.

Are Brixton’s sewage pipes heading for trouble? A local resident shares her concern

April 14, 2015, 10 Comments

Brixton Blog contributor Aimee Treasure is worried about Brixton’s sewage pipes and frequent flooding, and here writes about her own recent such exp ...

  • Carlton Mansions
    Editorial: Carlton Mansions
    October 13, 2014, No comments

    Late on a Friday night on Coldharbour Lane these days, it’s not uncommon to stumble over twenty-somethings puking on the pavement outside the market or to be shoved by leery [...]

  • Cressingham
    October 9, 2014, 12 Comments

    In December this year, Lambeth Council is due to make a decision on the future of Cressingham Gardens, a popular low-rise estate of some 300 homes, bordering Brockwell Park. In [...]