Cycling bunnies raise £700 for charity

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Cycling as bunnies to raise money for cycle disability charityEmily Groves and Alice Chamberlain  cycled round Hyde Park for five miles, with a group of friends dressed as Easter Bunnies on Easter Sunday to raise money for local disability charity Wheels for Wellbeing.

“I woke up early on Easter Sunday and hopped out of bed. But today I wasn’t reaching for chocolate, but a full size bunny onesie – head included!  After weeks of planning and fundraising, today was the day! I debated whether to wear my onesie on the Victoria line but decided that I wasn’t quite feeling THAT brave, and popped it into my rucksack to change into later on.  I then headed off to meet the other four bunnies at Marble Arch,” said Alice.

The “Millionhares”,  friends since school,  agreed to the challenge in January and had been busy training and raising funds to support more disabled people to discover cycling and its benefits.

“Keen to make the most of the sunshine (having just missed a torrential downpour) we didn’t waste any more time before going to collect our bikes. None of us are seasoned cyclists, so it really was a challenge for us. I’ve only been on a bike twice since I was about 10-years old and my poor thighs were burning after a few minutes. I’ve never been great with anything that requires balance, so really this was quite a monumental challenge for me!  The ride was lots of fun, and we got lots of encouragement from passers-by! When one person asked if we liked carrots we were very confused, until we remembered what we were wearing! It wasn’t long before the rain started again, but luckily we had come prepared, and had some ponchos to change into. Yup, human-sized bunnies in ponchos… classy!” said Emily.

Having a drink after finishing cycle ride to raise money for charity “Taking part has definitely motivated me to get moving – I’d love to start cycling to work one day and maybe this will give me the boost I need!” said Emily.

The MillionHares then headed off for a well-deserved rest in the pub, for some carrot juice and wasted no time discussing their next challenge.

The  MillionHares have raised £700 for Brixton based charity, Wheels for Wellbeing, beating their target of £500.


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