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We are here to promote Brixton’s excellence – the talent and imagination of the people of Brixton — its food and drink, its entrepreneurs, its artists and makers, its venues and events. We would also like to hear from service providers helping the Brixton community, whether charities or technicians – mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, healthcare professionals. Tell Brixton you are here.

When is the next Bugle published?
We hope you are enjoying the September Bugle. Next up is the OCTOBER issue. Please get your advertising to us by Thursday deadline of 20 September. The October Bugle hits the streets on FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER

Not too early to start thinking about your marketing for autumn and Christmas – and to send us your stories and press releases. Email with any enquiries or bookings, or call 07811 878394.

Here are the deadlines and publication dates for the last 3 Bugles of 2018
OCTOBER deadline Thursday 20 September, publication FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER
NOVEMBER deadline Thursday 18 October, publication FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER
DECEMBER deadline Thursday 29 November, publication FRIDAY 7 DECEMBER.

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