To help keep the Brixton Blog + Brixton Bugle as a sustainable community enterprise, we are at present solely funded by paid advertising.

We are here to promote Brixton’s excellence in food and drink, its artists and makers, its venues and events. We would also like to hear from service providers helping the Brixton community, whether charities or technicians – mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners, healthcare professionals. Tell Brixton you are here.

When is the next Bugle published? 

The next Bugle is a combined SUMMER issue for JULY/AUGUST and then we take a little break. So this is your last chance to advertise before September. Don’t forget to get in touch with Jenny before the advertising deadline on Thursday 22 June. Publication date is Friday 30 June

Then the SEPTEMBER Bugle deadline will be Thursday 31 August, and Bugle hits the streets on Friday 8 September. That’s a good one to be in after the summer break. People say they miss us. (And you can start thinking about Christmas promotions). 

For a full 2017 publication schedule and sizes and prices, please download our media pack here. It includes details of our Blog site traffic, Bugle distribution as well as ad sizes, prices and publication dates.  Then email or call her on 07811 878394.

Once again you can access and download our advertising pack at Brixton Blog Bugle Advertising Pack. Don’t forget now!