Green Party launch “Breathing Cities” campaign in Brixton

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The Green Party launched their clean air campaign, Breathing Cities, in Windrush Square last Saturday.

Caroline Russell, Green Party London Assembly Member, said that Brixton Road, as London’s most polluted street, was the obvious choice for the launch.

The Green Party are calling on the Government to create a new Clean Air Act “fit for the 21st century” with the campaign calling for councils to:

  1. Make walking, cycling, and public transport the main forms of urban transport.
  2. Make public transport cleaner, more affordable, more accessible, and more joined up.
  3. Reduce the need for private car usage andthe air pollution it causes.
  4. Improve people’s health by creating more opportunities for physical activity in everyday journeys, such as walking and cycling.
  5. Make streets safe and friendly places where people choose to spend time.

Brixton Road breaches annual air pollution limit in one month

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