Join the Great Big Walk from Yorkshire to London

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Organisers of an event designed to bring people and communities together are looking for two walkers from South London to lead one of five walks that will cross the UK from late May in a community celebration. The The Great Big Walk will start in Batley in Yorkshire, the constituency of Jo Cox, the MP murdered by a right wing extremist. They will then radiate out to London, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.

Walkers will visit different communities and events along the way. More than 100,000 people are expected to take part according to the Jo Cox Foundation.  The Great Big Walk along with the Big Lunch are being organised by the Eden project with funding from the National Lottery. If you are interested In taking part you can register your interest here.

Big Lunch celebrationThe walkers will arrive home in time to join the Big Lunches which will take place on the first anniversary of Jo’s death on 18 June.

The two events, jointly named The Great Get Together, will connect people and projects and bring communities together.

Cox’s husband Brendan said he was “amazed and humbled” by the response so far: “A desire for unity and togetherness rather than the divisiveness of politics and the public debate in recent years.” He hoped the event would “play its part in reminding us all of the values that make this country a great place to live.” More than 100 organisations have pledged to arrange events along the routes.

You can join the walk for an hour, a day or a week over the 31 days leading up to the Big Lunch.

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  1. Sarah Boniface May 19, 2017 at 9:19 am ·

    Hi Linda – really enjoyed your blog, but wanted to let your readers know that the The Great Big Walk is an idea from the Eden Project, funded by the National Lottery and organised by The Big Lunch team! If you have any interest from people wanting to find out more or take part, we’ll be able to help! Just go to our website to find out all the latest info and news! Best Wishes, Sarah.

    • Linda Quinn May 23, 2017 at 10:34 pm ·

      Thanks Sarah I know that. I’ve amended it slightly. I was responding really to trying to get more walkers from different communities to talk part – particularly from Brixton. This story was less about Big Lunch and more about the walk at this stage. I will do another post on the Big Lunch soon

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