Lambeth council to review access to public meetings

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Protester at Tuesday's planning committee meeting

Protester at Tuesday’s planning committee meeting

Lambeth council is to review security and access at its public meetings following recent disturbances, including the most recent at its planning committee on Tuesday evening (2 August).

The council said “a small hardcore mob” seemed intent on “disruptive, aggressive behaviour” that would not be tolerated.

It said a planning officer, a staff member and not an elected councillor, had been followed on to a bus and heckled by protesters after Tuesday’s meeting.

A full council meeting was abandoned in May when library protesters brought proceedings to a halt.

The council stressed that ”the vast majority” of people attending council meetings engaged productively and respected acceptable standards of behaviour.

Rapper Potent Whisper

Rapper Potent Whisper’s glitter protest at the planning committee on Tuesday

But it said many members of a single group had repeatedly sought to disrupt full council and cabinet meetings and planning and licensing committees.

Council leader Lib Peck, said: “It is a very sad state of affairs when public servants are abused simply for doing their job.

“Lambeth is a borough with very strong communities, huge diversity and a high level of political engagement, that is one of the things that makes Lambeth such a special place. Most people coming to public meetings do so to engage and debate peacefully.

“However a small hardcore mob seem intent on disruptive, aggressive behaviour and it simply will not be tolerated.”

Lambeth’s democratic services team will review arrangements for public council meetings in future, which are currently being held in various locations across the borough as the Town Hall is closed for refurbishment.  Police will be consulted.

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2 Comments on "Lambeth council to review access to public meetings"

  1. Brian M August 10, 2016 at 6:24 am ·

    People simply cannot be allowed to disagree with the council, we must leave them alone and let them destroy the community in peace.

  2. NGW August 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm ·

    Well, if the council stopped treating the community with such brazen contempt time after time….

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