Monthly Ritzy Round Up – February 2016

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Bear attacks. Haberdashery shoot outs. Rocky sequels. Celluloid wise, 2016 has frankly spoiled us so far. And February is no different – film contributor Adam Marshall tells us what’s coming to the Ritzy this month.

Mark Strong & Sacha Baron Cohen in Grimsby. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Mark Strong & Sacha Baron Cohen in Grimsby. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Whatever you think of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and its perpetually troubling…conservatism, there’s no getting away from the Oscars’ impact on winter’s cinema programming. And SPOTLIGHT (from 29 Jan) is up for six of the little gold buggers. It tells of the Boston Globe team that blew the lid on the scandalous cover up of child molestation running a scourge through the Catholic Church. Thank heavens for journalists…right?

Bryan Cranston stars in Trumbo. Courtesy of Bleecker Street

Bryan Cranston stars in Trumbo. Courtesy of Bleecker Street

Another new release, another Oscar nomination. But this time for small screen favourite Bryan Cranston. Whether you know him from Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad or any one of his myriad ‘character actor’ movie appearances, the Academy has recognised him for his eponymous lead in TRUMBO (from 5 Feb). One of Golden Era Hollywood’s finest screenwriters, Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted for his association with the Communist party. But did that stop him writing movies? Did it it heck-as-like. Here’s the story of how he removed two of his rudest fingers from his typewriter just long enough to flick them at his McCarthyist oppressors.

Just looking for a boneheaded comedy to turn upside down that February frown? You’re in luck – the Ritzy’s got a duo of them. First, the looooooong awaited sequel to 2001’s wonderful Zoolander. Yes, that’s right, it is ZOOLANDER 2 (from 12 Feb). Derek’s back. Hansel’s back. Mugato’s back. Let’s just hope the laughs are. And then there’s GRIMSBY (from 26 Feb), the Lincolnshire-upsetting new comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen. The Ali G originator’s latest creation is a football hooligan from the titular town. Nine children. A harridan of a wife. Paradise. Until he finds out that his separated-at-birth brother is an MI6 agent who needs his help to vanquish a world threatening plot. I absolutely HATE it when that happens.

The old boys are back. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The old boys are back. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Talking of hate, there was droves of the stuff spat at the announcement of the new DAD’S ARMY (from 5 Feb) film. And sure, I may or may not have got a little caught up in the bile spewing myself. But I may have been something of a stupid boy (sorry), because the cast is a cracker. Toby Jones as Mainwaring. Tom Courtenay as Wilson. Michael Gambon as Godfrey. Bill Nighy as Wilson. Could it be good? Don’t panic (sorry)…there’s a chance we’re not completely doomed (sorry).

In other screens there’s Paolo Sorrentino’s latest masterpiece YOUTH (from 29 Jan), grey pound comedy I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS (from 12 Feb) and Julianne Moore and Ellen Page as a couple in weep worthy FREEHELD (from 19 Feb). And if you’re not afraid of a little debilitating frostiness, the Picturehouse’s Pop Ritzy is popping up Dustin Hoffman’s baby face in 1967 cougar classic THE GRADUATE (21 Feb). And yes…I am trying to seduce you.

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  1. Dean Reynolds February 1, 2016 at 10:31 am ·

    It should also be mentioned that TRUMBO co-stars leading ladies DIANE LANE and HELEN MIRREN – both also nominated for acting awards for the film. They are pictured next to BRYAN CRANSTON on the poster / picture in the article.

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