New food editor invites Brixton’s diners to share their food thoughts


Nick BaglioneI suspect I am the worst kind of modern foodie. One whose culinary ambitions, fuelled by cooking channels and dining out, are rarely matched by my kitchen skills.

My first job as the new food editor is to say a huge thanks to Miss South who, since the birth of the Bugle, has captained the Bugle food pages and the Blog with such passion.

As far me? I am a wide ranging diner, equally happy with dirty poppy-uppy street food or high-road curry as I am with a Michelin-starred meal and everything in between.

I would like these pages to be the definitive word on one of London’s most energetic and interesting foodie hotspots. As well as reviews of Brixton eateries, we will be meeting chefs and owners, trying out Brixton-inspired recipes, talking bars, pubs and cocktails and keeping you up to date with the latest openings, new menus and gastro gossip.

Ultimately this should be less about me and all about you. If you would like to contribute to the Brixton Blog or Bugle, let me know at nick@brixtonblog.


About the Author

Nick Buglione is the worst kind of foodie in that his gastro ambitions are frustratingly rarely matched by his culinary skills. Eating out he is as happy with a dirty burger, comforting cafe fry up or a Michelin-starred menu. Nick will be bringing even more recipes, reviews, news and cheffy interviews from the pop-ups, restaurants, street stalls and cafes of Brixton as well as bar and pub reviews and the occasional cocktail. He'd love people to get involved, can be contacted at and please send all and any general foodie news to

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  1. Mishkin Taylor February 8, 2017 at 9:27 am ·

    Well done Nick.

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