OLYMPICS: Brixton catches Olympic 2012 fever

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It was a proud day to be from Brixton today, as thousands of locals descended on Windrush Square to welcome the Olympic Torch just a day before the opening ceremony.

As the hot July sun shone down on the square, Brixton had a resounding feeling of jubilation, excitement and celebration. Hundreds more people lined Coldharbour Lane and Acre Lane to see the flame pass, as Levi Roots, Olympian Ed Moses and council leader Steve Reed addressed the masses.

Celebrated chef and Reggae Reggae sauce creator, Levi Roots, said: “We are here to see something very special today.

“We’ve seen many changes, and this is the day that Brixton is reborn once again. We’ve been through many metamorphoses in Brixton, but today the light is here.”

He added: “I’ve never seen so many people in the middle of Brixton.”

Council Leader Cllr Steve Reed told the Brixton Blog: “I was blown away by the energy, the passion and the enthusiasm the people of Brixton showed for the Olympics.

“This is a place that’s got real heart, we demonstrate in Brixton the Olympic spirit of respect of diversity because we’re the most diverse community in the world.”

Danny Gayle, owner of Bickles Carribean Food, told the Blog: “It is crazy in Brixton today. The shop is buzzing. I missed the torch itself but loads of people came by.

“To top it all off we had the great Edwin Moses, Olympic legend, walk into Bickles. A good friend of mine nearly fainted. It’s unbelievable.”

Danny Gayle from Bickles speaks to Tim Dickens

Danny Gayle from Bickles speaks to Tim Dickens


There was a festival spirit long after the torch left on it’s journey up Acre Lane top Clapham. Steel bands played out in the square and food stalls served hungry Olympics fans.

A small carnival procession soon emerged from the Brix at St Matthews, Brixton Hill, and weaved it’s way through the sun-drenched crowds.

Elsewhere Kirk Grant cooked Jerk chicken on a grill Coldharbour Lane. He said: “Of course you have to be excited. I am most looking forward to seeing Usain Bolt win the 100m. It’s going to be one, two and three Jamaica.”








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