Sticky Fingers: Dip & Flip review

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Nick Buglione rides the gravy train at Dip & Flip.

Nick BuglioneIs there anything left that to do with a burger? Toasted brioches, off-piste patties, slow roasted meatfests, buttermilk chicken, deep-fried lasagne burger, increasingly bizarre vegan creations… among a cast of thousands, we have surely reached tipping point?

Not according to Dip & Flip who have, instead, reached dipping point.

So for Dip & Flip virgins (as we were tonight), they are a South London mini-chain doing slow roast meats, burgers, huge meaty sarnies, your usual suspects… but with the Dip & Flip USP – cooked in gravy, covered in gravy and dipped in gravy. Steal a bib from a local toddler, grab some kitchen roll, things could get messy.

The menu is a carnivore’s carnival. Choose from roast meat dip sandwiches – topside, lamb or chicken, sauces and then a “gravy boat” to get messy with. You can even throw extra meat on top of your meat.

Ditto the gravy treatment for all sorts of burgers alongside patty melts loaded with cheese and a range of cheesy, squeezy, chilli cheesy fries including, yep, fries with gravy. Plus the occasional lonely salad. Veggies could try the potato rosti and fried egg burger if they are feeling left out. Cocktails from a bespoke menu designed by our very own mix-innovators Shrub & Shutter.

Mrs B had the Cobb salad (#Seinfeld episode), the classic stateside main course mega salad – chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato, Cos and all sorts of leaves (though without cheese which I think would possibly confuse a Cobb classicist) drizzled with a honey and mustard dressing. She ended up doggy-bagging half of it. No-one leaves Dip & Flip empty or, in this case, empty-handed.

I went for their trademark burger, a behemoth of 180g pattie of forerib, chuck, West Country beef augmented with slices of gravy roasted topside (lamb is an option but a peculiar one), cheese, slaw, pickles yada yada encased in toasted brioche, already oozing gravy. Grab your burger, dip it into what is a proper roasted and simmered bone broth and dive in. It’s a good burger and a nice gravy. Mr Bisto is not in the building.

In a moment of heroically misguided gluttony, I added cheesy, green chilli, bacon fries… with gravy. With beers. It is a decent challenge dipping and holding all and sundry together but that’s the fun right?

Stylish, simple with some funky murals, pretty much your identikit, post-hipster burger joint, minus the building site distressed brickwork and oh-so-cool-are-we staff, Dip & Flip is worth a discovery trip for patty and bun fans. It’s wallet friendly, people friendly and their wares walk the talk. You’ll at least discover a burger or meaty stack sandwich with a difference. To (mis)quote Bette Davis: “The money is the gravy”. Bib style.

64 Atlantic Road, Brixton, SW9 8PY | | @DipFlippo

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  1. The Reverend @ 10 May, 2018 at 12:42 pm ·

    Its all about the gravy! (and the particularly unique drawings on the wall).

    I went there recently and you can find my blog post and photos here.



    The Reverend

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