Streadham Redskins say goodbye to Brixton rink with last game tomorrow

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planet iceBy David Carr

Brixton ice rink hosts its final National Ice Hockey League game this Saturday as the Streatham Redskins bid farewell to their temporary home of the last 22 months.

The rink was built on Popes Road back in January of last year and has hosted not only the Redskins but the Streatham Storm women’s Premier League side, junior teams from ages 8 through to 18 and also the special needs Streatham Werewolves team.

It has been a success story in every aspect, especially as the Brixton community have made all the hockey teams welcome, especially the local pub the Canterbury Arms who have sponsored the Redskins since they arrived.

Locals have added to Streatham’s existing fan base and the club are confident that when the teams all move down to the brand new Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, some Brixton based fans may continue to support the Redskins.

The rink at Brixton will sadly be dismantled in the next fortnight as it is packed away and shipped to its new home in Sweden thanks to a pre-arranged deal agreed by Tesco and Lambeth Council.

This is likely the last competitive ice hockey game SW9 will ever see, so if you have a spare Saturday afternoon this weekend you could do worse than watch Streatham skate out to Eddie Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’ one last time.

Streatham take on high flying Invicta Dynamos this Saturday at 5.30pm and tickets are available on the door.

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