The Brixton Week Ahead

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Sunday: It’s been on the cards for a while and now the day is finally here. Brixton Market is opening for Sunday trading…and Friday and Saturday evening trading too. I’ll be heading down to search for some tinned pumpkin for a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie.

Monday: Take a jog and run off the Sunday roast/Pumpkin Pie. Rumour has it that Lidl is selling running T-shirts for £10.99…and apparently there’s an offer on ‘Rudolph’ beer too, though I’m not sure I’m ready to endorse that yet. (via @hendopolis)

Tuesday: This is exciting. Trade in your tired old clothes for new(ish) ones at the Big Lambeth Clothes Swap, 7pm at The Ritzy. Bring 5 items that are clean and in good condition.

Wednesday: Rapper Keith Murray, a member of Def Squad, is in the UK to promote a new solo album and he’s performing tonight at Plan b for the first time in years. £8 advance tickets.

Thursday: The Sun & Doves is launching an exhibition of photos by South London collective, Effra FC, from 6.30pm. No, that’s not a football club but “a photography group who meet monthly in South London pubs”. And for extra fun, members of Effra FC will be taking pictures of guests as they react to the exhibition.

Friday: Visit the exhibition of Edmund Clark’s Guatanamo photos at Photofusion Gallery on Electric Lane. It’s not so much reportage as a study of the lives of the inmates and the places they have had to make their home.

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  1. LBGC November 22, 2011 at 1:53 pm ·

    Anyone in Brixton market selling pre-made Pumpkin pies?!

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