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Halima Hassan faces the music at Agile Rabbit

I first met Brixton when I worked here for a year. A year of wandering through Brixton Village, usually on my way to Brixton mosque.

I’ve been a Londoner for going on 15 years but a relative stranger to the south of the city. Brixton was at once a stark contrast to my west London suburbia with fascinating enclaves and pretty amazing food.

Brixton Village feels like an amalgamation of the traditional Brixton and the new Brixton. I say this as the outsider I know I am.

Until my visit to Agile Rabbit, I had never experienced Brixton or the Village at night. My friend and I went on a Friday and naturally we, and everyone around us, were in a good “end of a working week” mood on a hot night (during our sultry summer meltdown).

Being surrounded by music and people heading to gigs or for a bite to eat (or a combo of the two as we were), reassured me that spending an evening in Brixton was a smart move. Brixton has a fair share of pizzerias, from Franca Manca to Made of Dough and Pizza Brixton but Agile Rabbit, who have also just opened up #2 in Herne Hill, is certainly the most entertaining. Great traditional pizza meets live music, DJs and genuinely undimmed enthusiasm for Brixton.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, this cosy, bright pizzeria hosts a live band or a DJ. My friend and I had the pleasure of having our evening sound-tracked by DJ Memetic, playing his mixes of music from across the African diaspora.

The Agile Rabbit menu is reassuringly traditional – they do pizza and do it well. Classics, calzones, good options for veggies and vegans and offbeat specials.

We ordered (what else?) garlic bread and a buffalo mozzarella salad. The garlic bread served, in a pizza tin, was generous and tasty: crisp, light, buttery and intensely garlicky. The salad was light and fresh – both these starters were shared and still a bit too much; I’m never one to complain about having too much, though. For mains, I ordered the White Pizza Sunrise, Bouche Blanche goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and wild mushroom, with extra olives.

The menu doesn’t go overboard – with a curated selection of pizzas and some unique house specials. You won’t be overwhelmed with options and the pizzas available are very easy to personalise – perfectly sized and generously topped. Agile Rabbit are happy to let diners go off piste with their bespoke creations.

My friend ordered the mixed veg (with cheese), spinach, mushroom, olives, roasted peppers, capers, courgette and red onion. Both of course on the dough your imaginary inner Neapolitan would surely approve of.

We shared a tiramisu, one of two desserts they serve, the other being a sweet pizza. And doggy-bagged the pizzas we couldn’t finish (they are generous).

Agile Rabbit has a lovely bar but we also shared tables with families with younger children, and I, a non-drinker, felt comfortable and welcomed. I loved the music and they seem to have a big commitment to local artists. One of my memories of a long hot London summer, my evening at Agile Rabbit is infused with warmth, great tunes and good pizza.

Unit 24, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR | 020 3940 2700 | | @TheAgileRabbit

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