‘We Love Brixton’ on Windrush Square

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‘Who doesn’t love Brixton is a loser’ – epithet written on one of the 8ft letters which spelled out ‘WE LOVE BRIXTON’ on Windrush Square yesterday.


Photo by Jon Darke

Photo by Jon Darke

Decorating the letters

 Photo by Jon Darke

And people gathering to watch…

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3 Comments on "‘We Love Brixton’ on Windrush Square"

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    Rising breast size, therefore, is simpler and secure.

  2. Brix_Stan October 10, 2011 at 2:38 pm ·

    Jingo-ism & rabble rousing at its worst.
    Brixton would do far better without images glorifying arson attacks, imho. Teach your kids that it’s ok to vandalise, burn and graffiti your own property by all means, but not my neighbourhood.

    Sponsored by No-One? Bullllllsheeeeet – sponsored, as always, with a fat wad of public cash courtesy of the leftards at Lambeth Council, more like. Fair play to the good lady who got up on the mike & told them the way it is. Lambeth council are the lowest of the low & this kiddies graffiti workshop, tribalistic hate-fest comes as no surprise.

    I never knew Mark Duggan, but with all due respect, putting him up next to pictures of arsonists burning our community dishonors his name. His family & friends said they didn’t want that to happen – maybe you should think about respecting their wishes in future.

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