COOKERY BOOK: Recipes from Brixton Village by Miss South

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.18.39 The long wait is over! Recipes from Brixton Village is available right now – written by the Brixton Blog’s very own food editor, Miss South. The only book about Brixton grub for years, it introduces you to the food and traders of Brixton Village and gives you a sneak peek at some of the famed dishes from the restaurants in the covered market.

The book is perfect if you’ve ever eaten in the Village and wondered just how Okan makes those fabulous okanomiyaki or Restaurante Santa Fereño gets their beans so creamy. It’s also fantastic if you haven’t been able to get a table at your favourite place for a while or if you used to live in Brixton and need a fix of the area from afar. With illustrations from the Brixton Bugle’s very own Kaylene Alder, Recipes from Brixton Village is available now on Brixton Blog, with delivery after its release.

Recipes from Brixton Village is out on May 22. To order your signed copy with free P&P click the button below.


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