We are asking for your help! Brixton Blog and Bugle launches Crowdfunding campaign.

Bang! We’ve just launched a Crowdfunding campaign – it’s our way of asking for the community’s help. Basically, we want to raise £15’000 to pay a new, experienced part-time journalist to help us take our coverage to the next level.

Oh you must check out the vid.
If nothing else, you must have a giggle at the Blog’s founders stuttering their way through the vid.

We started the Brixton Blog because of a passion for Brixton. There’s always been a lot going on and we wanted to make sure you knew about it all. (The good and the bad!)

We’ve come a long way. In July 2012 we launched a printed newspaper and now print 10,000 copies a month – The Bugle has become a much-loved local news source.

We’ve been influential in supporting Brixton locals, whether through campaigns or their small businesses and organisations. We helped save the Lambeth Country Show from cancellation. We’ve given voice to protests and issues like the proliferation of the big supermarket chains, or the Ritzy Living Wage campaign, even improving the Brixton Rec.

Brixton is changing, so it’s all the more important we keep those who make the decisions about our local area – from the council to housing developers – to account.

News is our bread and butter, but it’s not the only thing we do. We cover the arts, culture, sports, provide insightful features, check out the good and not so good restaurants for you, and have even written a number of profiles on YOU – the amazing people who make Brixton what it is.

And now we are asking for your help to continue our work, while giving you even more.

To contribute simply go to our Crowdfunding page right here. Because you know what they say, every little really does help. Massive THANK YOUS in advance.


  1. Jean,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to look at our crowdfunding campaign, and for your comments.

    Your comment raises an interesting point, although I feel you may have missed the point. For the past 3 years we have strived to build a sustainable community news resource. I am a trained journalist who gave up a staff job to start the project – working freelance at the same time. I fully recognise the importance of local journalism – and for professionals to be paid for their work. That is precisely why we have launched this crowd funding campaign – to raise the funds to pay a proper journalist and news editor for their work.

    This is set against the backdrop of a massive decline in local newspaper provision. Advertising spend has plummeted as people turn to online for their news provision. Traditional local (and national) newspapers are slashing their editorial staff. If we can somehow come up with a model to pay some of our contributors – using a mixed model of ads and donations – then that is a really positive move.

    Having said the above, you made an important point about one of our ‘perks’ that allows somebody to write a short column as a ‘reward’ for their support. But that’s just it, it is a ‘perk’ and that person won’t have any sway or import on what news we cover and how we do it. Rather their donation will help us to cover even more news! We are currently re-assessing all of our perks and they will change as the crowdfunder goes on.

    We have no aspiration to assume ‘corporate values’. The Blog and Bugle is an entirely no-for-profit endeavour that I, and dozens of my team-mates, have spent a long time labouring over – for little or no financial reward.

    If you have any other concerns about our efforts please do let us know.

    Tim, co-editor

  2. I’m afraid I find your stance confusing.

    On the one hand you are keen to push your community values supporting campaigns such as the Ritzy Living wage – yet you don’t even pay your own journalists.
    Compound that with the fact that you champion local issues but whoever gives you the most money can effectively buy their own propaganda. “£1,500GBP Your own column for 6 months! ”

    Your business model is seriously skewed and fundamentally flawed. If you want to be community orientated then embrace it and stop trying to punch above your weight by assuming corporate values. You’re putting legit journalists and photographers out of business yet fail to see the irony.

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