Art is a start to help lane feel the love in Brixton

Origami Fox and Hand

Seven street artists have given a run-down area of Stockwell a makeover as part of a community-led attempt to deter anti-social behaviour.

Stockwell Lane connects Sidney Road and Stockwell Road and had become a rat run and magnet for litter, flytipping and drug use.

The man behind the idea, local resident and former Lambeth councillor Steve Bradley, says: “London has lots of neglected back roads, so there was no incentive for the council to do anything to improve this particular one.

“Working with local residents and businesses, we’re turning this unloved laneway into a vibrant new space for high quality street artists to exhibit their work.

“This will bring some much-needed colour and art to the area, make the laneway a destination for those who love street art and provide a strong reason for the council to invest in improving the layout of this forgotten corner of Stockwell”.

Four works are now complete and the biggest one is a work in progress.

“The image of the blue and orange model wolf is by a Polish street artist based in London called ‘Airborne Mark’,” says Bradley.

“He makes origami models of animals, shines different coloured lights on them and replicates the resulting image as a painting onto a wall.

“He then ceremonially burns the origami model and videos the whole thing. His images are beautiful, clever and intricate.”

The gallery is set to grow as two more business and a householder have agreed the project can use their walls.

Street art blog London Calling is curating the new gallery and will document the installations.

It is planned that every few months a new “paint jam” will replace the art pieces there with new installations.