Brixton start-up wants to help you onto two wheels

RIDEto founder james Beddows with his Vespa
RIDEto founder james Beddows with his Vespa

Tired of the Tube? Bored by buses? Visualising a Vespa?

Then a Brixton-based start-up may be what you need.

RIDEto, based at the Eurolink Business Centre on Effra Road, is an online platform designed to bring motorcycle and scooter training into the 21st century.

It is designed to match new riders with the best local training schools and to provide an online platform of learning, advice and everything else a new rider needs to get on the road.

“With all the negative press around motorcycle theft in London, we feel it’s time to get to re-engage people and get them interested in the joys that two wheels can bring,” says RIDEto’s Tom Baker.


  1. A good idea, but I have a bone to pick about the pic. Open-face helmets don’t protect your face very well if you come off the bike. They look the part if you ride a scooter, but a full-face helmet will prevent a broken nose and/or broken jaw, or the need for cosmetic surgery because of road rash.

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