Café Max set to return to Brixton arches


Cafe Max owner Zelia Alves Figueira outside the arches with husband and daughter
Zelia Alves Figueira with daughter Nicole and husband Joao Jose

Café Max owner Zelia Alves Figueira will be among the first to return to its premises in Brixton Station Road arches.

Zelia, with husband Joao Jose and daughter Nicole, said they were delighted to be back and looking forward to welcoming their loyal customers.

Zela said: “Nicole has done a lot of the thinking about the interior design. I don’t know what I’d do without her. It’s been a whole family activity.”

After the refit, they are hoping to be open again for business by mid-April.

Community engagement manager Binki Taylor said: “Each business will have its own relaunch with the Rec hosting a welcome back celebration at the end of May.”

The Figueira famíly inside the completed Arch that will house Cafe Max
The Figueira famíly inside the Brixton Station Road Arch that will house Cafe Max


  1. Hi there!

    This is great news! Do you have more information regarding the welcome back celebrations at the Rec? Would love to be there for support!


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