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Love and forgiveness

As always, PPE boy and I arranged to go to the BFI for our second date.

He asked if I wanted to see that Toni Collette horror film, which I did want to see – but I insisted we see a Jane Fonda-Robert Redford RomCom instead.

It’s not that I’m a sap who can only watch RomComs and can’t handle a thriller, I just am an incredibly anxious and annoying horror film watcher – I can’t relax and jump/shriek every three minutes.

Considering the fact that on second dates one is still meant to be displaying a sane version of self, I felt that watching a horror film may not be the best idea.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in Barefoot in The Park
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in Barefoot in The Park

I didn’t think much about this decision and loved watching young ginger Fonda decorate a tiny 1960s New York apartment opposite uptight Redford.

However, a few months later I learned that this decision may have been what caused PPE boy to rather cruelly ghost me.

He seemingly enjoyed the Fonda-Redford film, and we went on another date after that, then slept together, and then he disappeared.

Last week, I came across his profile on a different dating app, with the bio: “The hallmark of a great relationship is a mutual commitment to eating food that is too spicy and films that are too scary”.

It felt, very much, like a personal attack.

I almost wanted to message and say: “I CAN WATCH SCARY FILMS. I CAN!” Or: “What about ghost movies? I don’t really like ghost movies but here we are.”

Instead, I glowed in the smugness that his sentence structure was so poor that it sounded like he wanted to eat scary movies.

Posy xoxo


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